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The Earthmover's DREAM Finishing Scraper


Industrial Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) is teaming with 3-D Consulting, LLC to launch its newest option to be made available for all of their finishing scrapers. This new option is called “Multi-Dimensional Land-Forming” or MDLF. This system allows for simultaneous “Two Dimensional” control of elevation and slope automatically. When GPS is added to the system, the scraper has the ability to become “3-Dimensional”. The GPS system automatically locates the position of the scraper on the site. The key point is that these functions are all done “Automatically”. The control system, installed on these finishing scrapers, allows the operator to contour the terrain slope and elevation automatically. The “Walking Tandem”, added to our finishing scrapers, allows the operator to work at higher speeds. This system is capable of “Millimeter” accuracy. Contractors using a tractor with our finishing Scrapers equipped with MDLF will reduce the need for expensive Dozers and Graders. The MDLF can be used on any IMC Finishing Scraper; Non-Gated Ejection Scrapers (ES), Laser Controlled Ejector (LCE), Laser Scraper (LS), and Boxed Finishing Blade Scrapers (BFB).



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